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What Do Our Clients Say?

ALL of our business comes from referrals. This is because of the excellent service we provide. Below, you can read actual comments submitted by a few of our clients.

D. Hamlin, Esq. (Maryland):
DAS is a firm you can trust and that's important to me.  I have sent at least two dozen close friends and family members to DAS, and all of those friends have sent their friends and family members.  This is because they have always provided quality service at a competitive price. I have been using their services since the mid-90's and my wife and I both use them for both our business and personal tax needs.

S. Benjamin (Maryland):
DAS - Dedicated Accounting Services - Tamika (Washington) and Stephanie (Ford) have alleviated all my stress associated with tax season!  As long as I am focused during the year with records and such, everything comes together with their help at the end of the year.  Usually the reward would be the refund, but for me it's knowing that all tax preparations have been completed with accuracy and care.  I couldn't be more satisfied with their services!

C. Deans (Maryland):
My experience with DAS has been quite positive!  Over the past three years they have given my husband and I great service by finding ways to get us the biggest refund each tax year!  Thanks for being professional over the years!

N. Jayasinghe (Washington, DC):
DAS has been nothing but helpful and professional in their efforts to provide financial advice and tax information. They are prompt and courteous, and have made the process of filing taxes a true walk in the park. I have never had to tear my hair out - I let them figure things out for me, and they have always come through with flying colors!

C. Kaikai (Maryland):
I must express my sincere appreciation for your help with my tax issues.  I am extremely grateful for your contributions and insight.  Please know that I hold you both in high esteem.  I was very impressed with your performance as well as your professionalism.  I was also impressed with your enthusiasm, effort, and integrity.  Job well done.  You will be appreciated by many in the years to come.  You demonstrate such dedication.  Please continue to set the example for others in the tax business.

A. Dunams (Pennsylvania):
I will say this…beyond the confidence we have in their work, DAS has shown genuine concern for our best interest.  That has kept us coming back year after year and this is why we have referred our close friends and family.

B. Dunams (Pennsylvania):
I have had the pleasure of working with Tamika and Stephanie for the past four years and it has always been a pleasure…so much so that I recommend them to friends and family all of the time.  It’s good to know that the integrity of my finances are of the highest priority to my tax accountants.  Tamika and Stephanie have always been professional and responsive.  Furthermore, they have been accessible well beyond the April 15th deadline.  I could hire anyone to prepare my taxes, but DAS affords me so much more.  Tamika and Stephanie offer sound tax advice throughout the year and keep me informed of new tax opportunities that I may be able to take advantage of before it’s too late.  Beyond all of this, Tamika and Stephanie are pleasant.  They’re just good people that I enjoy conducting business with.  I am confident in both their abilities and their character.  I endorse them 100%.

Poccuo, Inc. (Washington, DC):
Having the help of DAS Unlimited has made filing both our personal and business taxes a painless process. DAS was tremendously helpful when we were starting our business and ensured that we were filing all the paper work correctly and on time. Now that we're up and running DAS manages our payroll and taxes. They are always available to lend a hand, get back to us promptly, and take time to walk us through the tax forms and make sure we are all on the same page.

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