DAS Unlimited, Inc.
Stress Free...Financially Speaking
Who Are We?
DAS Unlimited, Inc. (D.A.S.), a unique multipurpose corporation owned and operated by Tamika L. Washington and Stephanie K. Ford, is dedicated to the building, repairing and solidifying of the basic foundational principles, to bring people of any age, to a level of independence through innovative methods of teaching, training and mentoring.

Together, Tamika and Stephanie have degrees in Accounting and Early Childhood Education.  Both have been employed with a mixture of multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporations and non-profit organizations, managing their financial and supportive operations.  However, due to their passion for helping individuals and small business owners become more organized and current with federal and state filing requirements, they have been blessed to work with CPA and tax accounting firms as consultants servicing a wide variety of businesses spanning several different industries.

Through their wealth of knowledge, life experiences and faith filled guidance, they are servicing the public first, by offering tax, accounting and financial management support to individuals and businesses assisting them in becoming financially established and well maintained.  Secondly, through a child development center designed to build and motivate children to conquer societal labels.  And finally, through a transitional housing and training program designed to guide and assist single mothers to becoming independent and accustomed to being a part of the workforce.

DAS Unlimited, Inc. is completely a referral based business, offering discounts on services for each successful referral we receive from you.

Contact our office soon and we'll discuss how you can partake of this and many of our other referral benefits.
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